Ban Termites

Get in touch with us at Advance Pest Control in Leavenworth, KS for termite treatments that you urgently need. We offer custom service packages for homeowners, home buyers, and builders.

Homeowner Service Package Inclusions

Preserve the structural integrity of your homes by keeping it protected from termite infestation. Detection is a key factor in the process and you can prevent infestation from getting worse by acting on it as soon as you spot the first tell-tale signs. Call us for tips to help you detect termite infestation in any part of the house.

Our homeowner service package includes:

  • Conventional Liquid Treatment
  • Perimeter Bait Station Installation

Custom Home Buyer Services

Inspect houses that you’re interested in acquiring prior to making a purchase. Having thorough inspections allow you to spot potential signs of termite infestation at the get-go. Doing so also allows you to determine a fair price for the property you wish to acquire as you negotiate with agents and property owners for the acquisition.

We offer service packages to home buyers and this includes:

  • Termite Inspections Starting at $75
  • Conventional Inspections
  • FHA Inspections
  • VA Inspections

Preconstruction Treatments for Builders

Prior to laying the foundations on the new house that you are building, contractors recommend having preconstruction anti-termite treatments done. This proactively prevents termite colonies possibly inhabiting subterranean areas in your property from infesting structures soon to rise near their colonies. With treatments done prior to the building stage, you can now be confident about termite-free environs for your soon-to-be dream house.

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