Say Goodbye to Your Strange Bedfellows

Have you been losing sleep over the nasty, little things that bite? It’s time to get tough on bedbugs. Call us at Advance Pest Control in Leavenworth, KS and we’ll send over our team of exterminators to handle the problem.

Chemical Application

Unlike everybody else, we use a more effective method that instantly takes the bedbugs out of the equation. Through chemical application, we eradicate bedbugs in all kinds of furniture and bedding. This is far more effective than heat treatments.

Bedbug Inspections

Before treatments are applied, we conduct inspections. This comes with a $50 fee but if bedbugs are found and chemical applications are made, the fee is included in the total cost of the treatment. Read more about Bed Bug Preparation.


Fully grown bedbugs are about 3/16” long with reddish-brown color and oval-shaped, flattened bodies. They are often mistaken for ticks, cockroaches, carpet beetles, and other insects commonly found in households. Immature bedbugs are smaller and lighter in color.

Serious Health Risk

Tiny as they are, bedbugs can pose serious health risks when left unattended or undetected. These are parasitic insects that feed on human and animal blood and can transmit bacteria that may cause diseases. 

Don’t try to hide bedbugs! Contact us today to learn how to protect your household from bedbugs. Call us at 913-351-3583 to request an inspection.